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The only authorized and inerrant podcast of The Babylon Bee.

Jul 17, 2020

This is the Babylon Bee weekly news podcast special episode for 7/17/2020.

In this week’s episode of the Babylon Bee podcast, Kyle and Ethan talk about the week’s big stories like Christian knockoffs of secular products being bad, people on the right side of history who are on the wrong side of God, boogaloo skunks, and how are current culture is just the free market of people's fists meeting other people's faces.

Show Outline


Welcome to The Babylon Bee podcast with your hosts Kyle Mann and Ethan Nicolle, the two funnymen behind a lot of the stuff you read on The Babylon Bee. They’re not as funny here as they are when they write satire, so get used to disappointment.

Stuff That’s Good

Stuff that’s good update: Kyle is finishing up Avatar The Last Airbender and it’s amazing

Kyle likes  Journey to the Center of the Earth

Ethan likes Blood Father 

Weird News

Dog left 'looking like alpaca' after biting pet groomer halfway through haircut

Shopper spotted using paper bag as face covering - and others have used knickers

​​​​​​​Family found man declared 'dead' still alive after breaking into hospital morgue

Pizza Shop Owner Thwarts Robbery By Tossing Pie At Suspect

Sealed copy of 'Super Mario Bros.' auctioned for a record $114,000

Mysterious 'vampire-slaying kit' including pistol and knife up for auction

Stories of the Week

Story 1

Man On Right Side Of History Surprised To Find He Still Went To Hell

Summary: A local progressive was very careful to only advocate for the most progressive politics and be an activist for all the popular new social justice causes. So, since he was so clearly on the right side of history, he was very surprised to find after he died that he still went to hell.

Story 2

Op-Ed: There's No Such Thing As Bully Culture, It's Just My Fist's Free Market Response To Your Stupid Face, Dweeb

Summary: Local lunch money thief and wedgie specialist Biff O’Doyle wrote in a recent op-ed that Bully Culture is not real -quote- ‘It’s just my fist’s free-market response to your stupid face, dweeb’ -end quote

tory 3

Here's What's Problematic With Each Of The NFL's 32 Team Names

Well, the PC police have come for the Redskins. But we at The Babylon Bee feel they did not go far enough. There is white supremacy and racism everywhere in the NFL, with every single team in the league having some kind of offensive stereotype in their name.

We hereby call on every team in the league to change their name for the following reasons.

Topic of the Week

Why is Christian stuff so bad?

Hate Mail

We get a reponse to a sponsored newsletter blast speaking out against antifa and get accused of being Christo-fascists.

Subscriber Portion

  • Kyle and Ethan dive into the mailbag!
  • Bonus weird news filled with projectile penguin poop

Also mentioned: Ethan Nicolle’s awesome animated music video Lunaractive-Mission To The Moon

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