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The only authorized and inerrant podcast of The Babylon Bee.

Sep 15, 2023

Candace Owens is back on The Babylon Bee Podcast to talk about her new true crime docuseries Convicting a Murderer on DailyWire+, which aims to correct the Netflix docuseries Making a Murderer. Also, will Candace Owens run for President?

The first two episodes of Convicting a Murderer are available to everyone:

Once you get hooked, you can subscribe to DailyWire+ for the rest.

The sponsor of this episode is the KASH FOUNDATION.

Kash Patel is the former Chief of Staff of the Secretary of Defense under President Trump. He led the House Intelligence Committee investigation into Russiagate, and saw first-hand the deep state corruption against President Trump. Now, he's created the KASH FOUNDATION to support legal funds that assist whistleblowers within the federal government, victims of deep state corruption and media accountability efforts. Click here to make an URGENT donation: