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The only authorized and inerrant podcast of The Babylon Bee.

Jul 29, 2019

Guest: Michael Malice

Michael's book: The New Right  “The definitive firsthand account of the movement that permanently broke the American political consensus.”

Follow Michael Malice on Twitter (FYI Malice is not a Christian and does use salty language at times, though not on THIS podcast. Also he's a literal anarchist. You've been warned!) 

Warning: while there is no bad language in this episode we do get into more serious and sometimes uncomfortable topics. 

(1:42) Introductory interview with Michael Malice


(11:32) Biden Vows To Return Nation To Era When Press Didn't Bother Reporting On President's Scandals

(18:28)  Trump 2020 Campaign To Simply Air Unedited Footage Of Democrats Talking 

(29:29) All Looney Tunes Shorts To Receive Epic Live-Action Remakes 


(35:56) MAIN TOPIC: Comedy as a Weapon 

(52:27) Hate Mail


(56:59) Subscriber Exclusive Segment

(57:24) Progressive Immediately Shouts 'White Supremacy!' At Every Image In Rorschach Test

(1:11:14) Plan To Put Women On The Moon Canceled After They Find Out How Cold It Gets

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