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The only authorized and inerrant podcast of The Babylon Bee.

Sep 25, 2020

This is the Babylon Bee Weekly News Podcast for the week of 9/25/2020.

In this episode of The Babylon Bee Podcast, Kyle and Ethan talk about the week’s biggest stories like the NBA’s heartwarming tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Donald Trump ordering all the nation’s schools to show the movie ‘Top Gun’ daily instead of 1619 Project materials, and how 95% of evangelicals don’t believe in God, the Bible, or Jesus. Kyle and Ethan also talk to demon and ghost investigator Billy Hallowell about demon possessions, infestations, and what happens when you use that Ouija board. 

Billy Hallowell’s new book is available now: Playing with Fire: A Modern Investigation into Demons, Exorcism, and Ghosts.

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Kyle got kicked off Twitter for being a bot apparently and the guys and report live from Moscow.

Stuff That’s Good

Kyle likes the Dune audiobook

Ethan likes Scythian (the band).

Weird News

Stories of the Week

Story 1: NBA Players Wear Special Lace Collars To Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Summary: NBA players are honoring the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg this week by wearing pretty lace collars just like Notorious RBG used to wear

  • Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died September 18, 2020, at the age of 87, from complications of metastatic pancreatic cancer
  • She became known as a  leftist icon and dubbed The Notorious RBG by a law student (like the rapper The Notorious B.I.G.)
  • Bill Clinton nominated her to SCOTUS 1993 (Bill was elected with 43% of popular vote in 1992)
  • She became known as a liberal wing of the court and argued for gender equality and women’s “rights”
  • Her death is right up on the election, leftist celebrities and media types like Reza Azlan are doubling down on threatening to burn everything down to the ground if the Republicans “ram” through a judge
  • Romney said he would not block the vote and would vote based on the merits of the nominee, and that Trump as President can constitutionally nominate and the Senate can give advice and consent. This comes amid calls of hypocrisy since in 2016 the Republican led Senate blocked a vote on Merrick Garland nominated by Barack Obama.
  • Trump has promised to nominate a woman. Because that’s important for some reason.
  • Lefty types on Twitter seem to think this article was real. Really.

Story 2

Trump Orders Schools To Replace Anti-American Curriculum With Daily Viewings Of 'Top Gun'

Summary: In what many are calling the most popular Executive Order of all time, President Trump has ordered public schools to stop teaching anti-American history classes, replacing them all with daily viewings of Top Gun.

Story 3

Survey Finds 95% Of Evangelicals Don't Believe In God, Bible, Jesus

Summary: A new study has found that 95% of evangelicals don’t believe in God, the Bible, or Jesus.

  • Ligonier released their annual ‘State Of Theology” polling data and it’s not looking good:
  • What do Americans believe about God, salvation, ethics, and the Bible? Ligonier Ministries and LifeWay Research partnered to find out. 
  • 51% of US adults and 32% of evangelicals say “Jesus was a good teacher, but was not God”
  • 63% US Adults/46% of evangelicals believe God accepts the worship of all religions
  • 55%U.S. Adults/56% of evangelicals believe “Jesus is the first and greatest being created by God”
  • 59% US adults/51% evangelicals agree with “The Holy Spirit is a force, but not a personal being.”
  • 46% evangelicals agree with “Worshiping alone or with one’s family is a valid replacement for regularly attending church.
  • 31% evangelicals agree with, “Churches must provide entertaining worship services if they want to be effective.”
  • 24% evangelicals agree with, “Gender identity is a matter of choice.”
  • 18% evangelicals agree with, “The Bible’s condemnation of homosexual behavior doesn’t apply today.”

Topic of the Week: Billy Hallowell’s Playing with Fire: A Modern Investigation into Demons, Exorcism, and Ghosts

  • The world — and the church — sometimes tends to avoid or ignore the topic of demons and spiritual warfare
  • The issue of source credibility
  • Documented cases 
  • Things Hollywoods gets wrong
  • Christians- how to respond to demons


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Subscriber Portion

Kyle and Ethan continue their talk with Billy Hallowell on specific crazy cases of demon and ghost stories and give him The Ten Questions.