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The only authorized and inerrant podcast of The Babylon Bee.

Feb 19, 2021

Kyle and Ethan, from The Babylon Bee, are joined by Wes Halula, a writer and producer on Church People, to talk about the prospects of conservative and Christian films and also how the Babylon Bee gets away with spreading disinformation by putting “LOL, JK” at the end of every article according to Wikipedia editors. The guys also discuss the sad news of contemporary Christian music pioneer Carman and radio giant Rush Limbaugh passing away. There’s weird news, stuff that’s good, and glorious hate mail!


Kyle, Ethan, and Wes talk about losing Carman and Rush this week.

Stuff That’s Good

Kyle likes Jon Foreman’s Departures.

Ethan likes Wes’s movie Church People.

Weird News

California man's wallet lost in Antarctica returned after 53 years

Rapper Len Martin Starts Gorilla Glue Challenge after thinking Tessica Brown’s story about being unable to get Gorilla Glue out of her hair was a hoax, Immediately gets red solo cup stuck to his face



Mysterious Trail of Four-Toed Footprints Discovered Atop Frosty Car in England

Musician Turns Late Uncle's Skeleton into Working Guitar

Ted Cruz is rocking a mullet now

It’s freezing cold in Texas, The Weather Channel tweeted on January 21 that February would be unseasonably WARM 

'I Was Gonna Be A Mashed Potato': Florida Boy Recounts Garbage Truck Horror

Actor Sean Penn suggests the pope should "impeach" evangelical Christian leaders

20-foot-2-inch bear made from roses breaks Guinness record

The guys from the Babylon Bee talk about the conversations by people editing our Wikipedia page about whether what we do can be legally considered “satire” or how we get away with spreading harmful disinformation by writing “lol jk” at the end of all our stories.

Topic of the Week

What are the prospects for independent conservative media? Is there a shift? Can Hollywood lose its grip on entertainment?

Hate Mail

Denise is saddened to see us post mistruths and have a misleading agenda.

Subscriber Portion

Kyle, Ethan, and Wes react to Carman’s Satan Bite The Dust and Addicted To Jesus.

Subscriber Update


Tim sends us an audio message from across the ocean wondering where Dave DeAndrea has been. 

Bonus Hate Mail

Terry thinks we are backing AOC and her lies!

Subscriber Headlines of the Week

Wes answers The Ten Questions!