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The only authorized and inerrant podcast of The Babylon Bee.

Sep 22, 2020

This is The Babylon Bee Interview Show.

In this episode of The Babylon Bee Interview Show, Kyle and Ethan welcome back again The Bee’s favorite anarchist troll: Michael Malice, the author of Dear Reader and The New Right and host of "YOUR WELCOME" and Night Shade. They discuss the new Netflix movie that sexualizes children, which conspiracy theories are aging better than others, and how the depravity and malfeasance of the corporate press is without cessation. You can get more Michael Malice on YouTube, Twitter and Locals.

You can catch Michael’s previous appearances on The Babylon Bee Podcast here and here.

Topics Discussed

  • The sexualization of children, ‘Cuties’, and the “enemy class (Mainstream figures defending Cuties)
  • Power elites caught up in the Epstein scandal
  • Conspiracy theories like QAnon, PizzaGate, RussiaGate and all the other Gates
  • Public schools/homeschooling
  • People who collect jars of urine
  • Going back to cassette tapes over CDs
  • The case of Breonna Taylor and the ethics of No Knock style raids
  • Meth in energy drinks and drug cartel leaders not names “El Guapo”
  • Ethan solves the prison overcrowding problem
  • The Crossfit CEO situation
  • We all need the space suits from Aliens with light up helmets going forward
  • Government overreach to do anything to solve a problem and not worry about the unintended consequences
  • Internet search engines and mainstream press making it impossible to find alternative views
  • American propaganda using celebrities like the cringe New York PSA
  • Jim Gaffigan’s twitter rant about Trump
  • Donating to Biden’s campaign for the comedy
  • Conservatives, libertarians, conservatarians, and the essence of the boomercon 

Subscriber Portion

  • George W Bush was not a Jr.
  • Anarchist cliches
  • Underground libertarian parties
  • Why did Christ have to die?
  • “Losers and suckers” of World War I? 
  • Edibles
  • Going to war against Japan in World War II
  • Appealing to standards of objective morality
  • The NEW Ten Questions and they’re a bit more intense
  • Also mentioned: Our Birthday Present To Michael Malice.

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