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The only authorized and inerrant podcast of The Babylon Bee.

Jan 27, 2023

Kira Davis joins The Babylon Bee again to laugh at all their nerdy board games and find more top secret classified documents. Kyle also talks to Patricia Heaton and David Hunt about their new life-affirming movie Unexpected which begins streaming in February! This is the episode where The Babylon Bee begins to wonder: is something off about Kira?

Apparently, there are top secret documents everywhere and America is sending its top-of-the-line main battle tanks to Ukraine. Also, M&M’s apologized for its divisive spokescandies, but do not worry! They have a plan to unite America once again! Sizzler Facts is ushering in a quiet revolution around America (outside the Sizzler Dead Zone) and The Babylon Bee continues getting spicy hate mail.

In the subscriber portion, the Bee asks Kira the Second Ten Questions and runs through their lists of their favorite tabletop games that are a “step up” from the family fare.

Kira Davis has a new book out now called Drawing Lines:

Check out the new movie, streaming in February: Unexpected.

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