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The only authorized and inerrant podcast of The Babylon Bee.

Jan 14, 2022

Kyle Mann and Adam Yenser are joined by Patrick Green on this Bee Weekly to talk about heroes of the faith who gave us cringe moments in the history of preaching and to talk about the Bee’s deep dark secret practice of employing a Roman Catholic. Kyle gets a surprise and Patrick Green gets put in the hot seat for being Catholic.

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Kyle gets a surprise that should help him stay on keto for another 4 hours and the guys talk about our latest parody video getting restricted by YouTube. They talk about the banger and bomb of the week, Adam Yenser does Weakly News and then there is the latest Heroes of the Faith. After learning how to smash a television with an axe and that all atheists have video games in common, the guys show our latest sketch about a lonely unvaccinated man whose vaccinated friends all have COVID, and then the Bee’s ultimate showdown between Roman Catholics and Protestants commences. The Bee also responds to atheist hate mail.

In the subscriber lounge, Patrick answers some questions from subscribers to the Babylon Bee and also answers the ten questions. The Bee guys interact with bonus Elon Musk hate mail and headline pitches from the subscribers.