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The only authorized and inerrant podcast of The Babylon Bee.

Feb 3, 2023

Aldo Buttazzoni from PragerU is in the studio with Kyle and Adam to talk about the groomers at the zoo and on YouTube. They talk about the news of the week like the arrival of the new Ice Princess figure skater and how Super Mario Kart is real now but not for fat people. Also, dinosaurs have feathers now and we think that kind of ruins them.


Aldo Buttazzoni is the new man-on-the-street for Prager U and he went to the Los Angeles Zoo to ask people why they were attending a “family friendly” drag show. He also is wondering why YouTube’s algorithm is feeding LGBT programming to young children. Sam and Adam talk to Paleontologist and Professor Matthew McLain from The Master’s University about something we are always wondering about: why did Satan plant feathered dinosaur fossils in the sand to trick us?


Travis’ Game Korner strikes back, Weakly News from Adam Yenser is back, and Sizzler Facts goes to the movies! In the subscribers-only podcast, the guys answer questions from the Mailbag that get really theological and Aldo answers the Ten Questions!


Aldo at Prager U:

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Protect Children’s Innocence with PragerU:


Matt McLain has some links for you about dinosaurs and Creationism:


The Master’s University Creation Summit:


International Conference on Creationism:


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