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Nov 16, 2021

Eric Saar is the owner of Slingshot Media Consulting and started the business to help entrepreneurs solve the paid Facebook ads problem of lead generation forever for less money, while eliminating the stress. Eric and his team have worked at a subcontractor of Facebook, have been trained by Facebook and helped teach marketing on Facebook to more than 1200 clients (including more than 500 marketing agencies) and strategized more than $100 million in Facebook ad spend.  There isn’t a question we haven’t heard and answered hundreds of times already. Let us help solve your problems!

Eric is offering his mini-course ($97 value) to Red Beard listeners for free here: Https://  


2:30 Get the Key Nuances of Facebook Ads to Save Time and Resources

3:40 Run Better Facebook Ads: Use the Correct Objective and Flip the Funnel

5:10 What to Do if Your Facebook Ad Campaign Isn’t Set Right

5:52 When It Is OK to Edit a Facebook Ad Campaign

6:59 3 Actionable Insights on Facebook Ads

7:59 It’s Superior to Send a Team Member Through the Facebook Ad Course Instead of Outsource

10:54 The Benefit of Taking a Course Through Slingshot