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Dec 21, 2021

Since becoming a professional writer in 2009, Richard has been the personal copywriter to a “40 under 40” CEO, written inductions for the WEF and Young Global Leaders, ghostwritten multiple books and created an email that generated over £20 million in new business revenue. He has also spent 7 years working in companies creating persuasive marketing materials, including roles as PR manager writing and pitching articles to media. He's achieved month-on-month growth in media appearances, including taking a company from 0 pieces to 36 per month in under a year. Today Richard combines his writing experience with his marketing know-how to create compelling content that converts. He runs Crosshairs Marketing, where they do one thing exceptionally well: create content. On behalf of their clients they undertake all research, planning, creation, editing, and publishing of articles, all designed to bring in relevant traffic and grow their revenue.

Richard's website is

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4:07 "How would you talk to them in person?" - Richard White

7:47 What You Talk About Is as Important as How You Say It

12:48 "What's the objection?" - Richard White

13:54 "They're not probably looking for a list of features, they're looking for outcomes." - Richard White

15:41 Pay Attention to Your Audience and Platform

16:46 "You can get anything done without it being very good." -Richard White

18:52 "You've got multiple audiences and a lot of businesses are just creating content for one." - Rich White