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Feb 8, 2022

David Ralph is an extremely attractive host of the top ranked online show Join Up Dots, where in each episode he takes his guests on a journey of discovery following the words of the late Steve Jobs.

From birth to today and back again, David Ralph joins up the dots of his guests lives, highlighting their failures and successes (with more than a few laughs in between) as he leads them to the time travel section “The Sermon On The Mic” where they have the chance to speak to their younger selves and share the advice they have gained. This is a hugely powerful and inspirational show that has gained a massive audience in over 160 countries, and with its fun and quirky style is one that is fresh, unique and inspiring.

David is an ex-corporate trainer, with a wife, five kids, a grandson, a cat, and a snail (that might actually be dead already...who can tell?)

Twitter: @joinupdotsdaily


2:26 "Go easy on yourself... It's persistence." - David Ralph

6:44 "I think the right path is walking forward, but looking at how much of a runway you're building." - David Ralph

8:08 "My body kind of exploded on me." - David Ralph

9:33 "I didn't exactly die, but part of me died. And that was was the part that was just obsessively pushing forward." - David Ralph

11:38 "People out there look at you and go, 'I want what he's having.'" - David Ralph

16:36 "I like living a life away from the internet because you can get sucked into a world that isn't healthy." - David Ralph

19:09 "You've got to train yourself. You've got to train your time... You've got to be really firm on your boundaries." - David Ralph