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Feb 22, 2022

Murat is a designer & programmer who recently sold his finance-related online community platform. He is currently working on new online social architectures and governance tooling to help scale communities in new ways.

twitter @mayfer

1:42 Dictatorship vs. Bottom-up Governance

5:04 "We have a lot of proven concepts to work with that we're forgetting about." - Murat

6:39 "The value is obviously in the community." - Murat

7:47 "The idea is to see what happens when incentives are different." - Murat

9:41 "A big focus is a democratic consensus aspect on channel rules and moderation." - Murat

10:55 "You could see what creates the best content." - Brian Keith

18:40 "The core of it, I think, is building an open, flexible search interface with a strong back-end that works quickly." - Murat