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Apr 5, 2022

Clive Morrison is the Operations Manager of Sonia’s Clean Sweep, a cleaning company that he runs with his mother. He is also the Founder of the Black Businessman Warrior. They host a daily mastermind for black men to build community with other black men, as well as guidance on how to grow and get the skills they need to be great leaders. They also host a podcast to highlight the black men who are building businesses and how they are doing it. Clive's mission is to help black men become the leaders we need in our community.

Instagram: @blackbusinessmanwarrior


Twitter: @ClivetheWarrior


0:30 "What got you to where you are now?" - Brian Keith

1:36 "What is the most important challenge black businessmen face in the U.S.?" - Brian Keith

2:57 "When we say language, we're talking the whole background." - Clive Morrison

4:57 "That's my goal - to build black businessmen." - Clive Morrison

6:11 "The big-term vision." - Clive Morrison

7:14 "The more resources in the hands of the people, the more they can solve issues." - Brian Keith

9:07 "They don't do business because of the experience." - Clive Morrison