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Apr 26, 2022

With a background in professional dancing and cheerleading, coaching, music, and marketing automation, Jade combines these skills to serve her favorite people in the world - entrepreneurs. As a digital marketing and automation consultant she saw that entrepreneurs often made the same mistakes, so she pivoted her business time and energy to a greater purpose of speaking, educating, and networking. When entrepreneurs can connect at the right time for the right reasons, sparks can fly.. And Jade lives for the *sparks*!  





2:38 "Your community should have a clear goal or objective...The community is the medium, it's not the point." - Jade Olivia


4:10 How Does a Company Know What Kind of Online Community to Have?


6:02 "To make [your membership] amazing... set expectations." - Jade Olivia


8:34 "You have lots of opportunities to set the table before people get [to your online community]." - Jade Olivia


13:03 "Just be authentic." - Jade Olivia


15:03 How to Get the Other Five Keys of Building a Healthy Community