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May 3, 2022

On mission to Honor God, be true to the man in the mirror, and be a rock to those around me. Lead and Inspire Strength, Results, Victory - FoE Member

@Men_of_Grit (Twitter and IG)


7:14 "For me, a strong man is strong in mind, body, and spirit." - Jerry Adams


8:52 "How do you know, both for yourself and for others, if you're serious or not?" - Brian Keith


11:36 "When I look at the core of where my strength comes from, there's a few essential things..." - Jerry Adams


12:56 "That's what I do, I'm always checking out those rings." - Jerry Adams


16:54 "By the time most people were rolling around, I put in the big rocks." - Jerry Adams


18:17 "I've got this rearview mirror, and the rearview mirror is the past." - Jerry Adams


19:56 "So many things are so much better since I've been more solid in body mind and spirit." - Jerry Adams