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May 17, 2022

Ben Denny is the CMO of Memberium, a Utah based software company that provides membership systems for people selling online courses. Most of the time, Ben is working on executing marketing strategy for Memberium, but in his free time, he enjoys exercising, going out to new restaurants, and spending time with his daughter.


1:30 "If I can imagine it, Memberium can do it; and if I don't know how it can, it's because I haven't looked closely enough." - Brian Keith


3:32 "We have this very rich training environment, and I don't think we would get to be able to have that other than using Memberium running on WordPress." - Brian Keith


5:25 "At the end of the day, you don't ultimately have control." - Ben Denny


6:25 "It maybe more costly up front, but it is cheaper in the long run starting on the right platform." - Ben Denny


8:00 "If you're running a real business, you need one of these systems anyway." - Ben Denny


11:21 "You can, with Memberium, basically sell back-access to a catalog." - Ben Denny


14:37 "It curbs the log-in sharing problem just because you're actually encouraging sharing, which is a good thing." - Ben Denny