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May 31, 2022

Elias Puurunen is the Founder of Tractus Events, Canada's Virtual-First event production company. Tractus produces virtual and hybrid conferences, trade shows, and special events. Tractus takes care of the tech so you can take care of your guests.

When he's not producing events, he lectures for the University of Waterloo. In 2019, Elias developed the Programming for Public Policy course for the University of Waterloo's Master of Public Service program, one of the first programming courses in Canada for Public Policy students.

Twitter: @agfinn



2:09 "What can we do in person that we just cannot replicate online; and what can we do online that we can't replicate in person." - Elias Punrunen


4:05 "With live events...we build those break periods where we can let you rub shoulders with other people. Online...we have to make connections a lot more deliberate." - Elias Punrunen


5:35 "You're not limited to the conference center now...if you want to build up your community over time, you can do that!' - Elias Punrunen


9:50 "As much as it's cool to fire lots of content at people and do lots of live streaming, there's again, that online interaction - it has to be deliberate." - Elias Punrunen


11:20 "When you're in person...everybody's a different distance away from you... Online everybody's going to be at the same volume." - Elias Punrunen


17:37 "We take this vision of yours...and turn it into 'what does your virtual event looks like, what does your registration process look like; how do you structure your sessions?'" - Elias Punrunen


22:29 "What I dread to see is in-person-events turn into people saying, 'This could have been a zoom meeting.'" - Elias Punrunen