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Jul 5, 2022

With a background in professional dancing and cheerleading, coaching, music, and marketing automation, Jade combines these skills to serve her favorite people in the world - entrepreneurs.


As a digital marketing and automation consultant she saw that entrepreneurs often made the same mistakes, so she pivoted her business time and energy to a greater purpose of speaking, educating, and networking. When entrepreneurs can connect at the right time for the right reasons, sparks can fly.. And Jade lives for the *sparks*!





1:28 "People don't do what they're supposed to do. People don't do what they're told." -Jade Olivia


3:52 "The premise is really the same; there's goals...then, when they do that, actions will be automated." -Jade Olivia


4:54 "This is the cardinal rule: Anytime that they have to do something to move them down the customer journey...then there should be at least three backups before." -Jade Olivia


6:42 "The promise of automation, of automating everything, only works when we have humans at the front end." -Brian Keith


8:03 "Don't send them a welcome email with 14 paragraphs and the join button on the bottom. Put it on the top, with three sentences." -Jade Olivia


9:49 "Well, the numbers are going to tell you a lot...and this is where, over time, you're going to discover patterns." -Jade Olivia


12:32 "If their manager sends them and pays, but then the attendee does not log in, we go and contact the manager." -Brian Keith