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Jul 19, 2022

Partnerships & Sales leader of 14+ years in MARTECH SAAS SMB & Mid Midmarket. Cory has built, relaunched and accelerated growth in partnerships and sales for more than 7 organizations like Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), ActiveCampaign, and now Maropost. Cory is also a board member of the Cloud Software Association that brings B2B SaaS partnership professionals together to share, learn and gain knowledge around partnerships.

Cory has been married for over 18 years and is a father of 5! Loves to golf and travel with the family on their RV!

Connect with Cory on LinkedIn or email him personally.



00:52: "More people have moved to trusting online reviews almost as much as reviews given directly from friends and family." -Cory Snyder


02:29 "We send out up to three messages driving them to this one specific message which we have worked on for years and years to get the highest conversion rate." -Cory Snyder


05:28 "You guys are pushing them through a process and you're collecting a ton of information and that's valid when you're putting them through a course." -Cory Snyder


08:09 "In our perfect world we would both check in with you when you're starting, and when you're done, and also in the middle." -Brian Keith


11:39 "We don't want to give you just another platform: we want this to be integrated in your process that's just ran behind the scenes." -Cory Snyder


12:46 "But really, in fifteen minutes you could be up and running and collecting five-star reviews." -Cory Snyder


16:41 "Is the happy client giving you more business - is that one of your constraints? If it is, it may behoove you to spend more time working on this part." -Brian Keith