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Dec 20, 2022

Keith Keppner began training as a boxer as a way to regain his health from a chronic illness. At the age of 17, he was in constant pain, had extreme fatigue, and had issues with depression, anxiety, short-term memory, and other cognitive challenges. He had gone five years with no answers to his health issues; however, once he was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease, he used boxing as a way to get his life back.


After several years of training, Keith endured many injuries and struggles due to compromised health from intensive Lyme disease treatment. In 2010, he was forced to retire from boxing due to a severe neck injury in Mexico. After that, he began coaching boxing full time and soon opened up his own gym, Keppner Boxing, in 2013.


Having produced Golden Glove Champions from scratch, Keith has trained professional boxers who have fought on ESPN, Showtime, and Telemundo. Keith also prides himself on his work with everyday people who just want to get in great shape, learn boxing, and improve themselves mentally and physically. He has coached and instructed everyone from kids to clients with Parkinson’s disease and is great at connecting and positively impacting individuals from all walks of life.





3:10 "I wanted to be recognized as something more than what I was." -Keith Keppner

5:06 "Focusing on the desired activities first." -Keith Keppner

7:35 "You want to be able to be a champion in your life." -Keith Keppner

9:33 "If you're truly serious about serving a community or serving other people, you're going to master the skills of business." -Keith Keppner

11:20 "Sales can be a cure-all. It is the top line of a balance sheet." -Keith Keppner

14:23 The cliche perspective about sales.

15:53 "The most dangerous thing you can say is, 'Well, this is just how we do it.'" -Keith Keppner