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Dec 27, 2022

Todd Snively has been a serial entrepreneur since 1983. Today, Todd is best known as an eight-figure Amazon seller, creator of multiple seven- and eight-figure online businesses, and consultant to thousands looking to make money online. He has taught over 6,000 people the wholesale distribution method of selling name-brand products on Amazon using the buy box rotation method.


Todd is available for speaking engagements all over the world. He is a frequent guest on some of the best-known podcasts and his keynote speeches at masterminds are always well received. Todd has two books coming out, "The Amazon Code" and "How to Become a Virtual CEO".



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1:55 A taste of the four units of measure to value your offer by.

4:45 "If you can't, you have no business making the promise." -Todd Snively

6:08 People want to work with those who have already done what they want to do.

8:36 "Any fear that I had about running a community mastermind just disappeared." -Todd Snively

11:45 Dealing with the limits of your knowledge.

13:29 "If I don't know, then I'm going to tell you I don't know." -Todd Snively

15:04 "That's how the wallet gets things done and you don't get frustrated." -Todd Snively