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Jan 17, 2023

Dobbin Buck is an award-winning marketing agency owner and entrepreneur. His career got its start in developing museums and interactive exhibits around the world for notable institutions like The U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, The Guggenheim Museum, Disney’s Epcot Center, The Museum of Sex, Universal Studios Florida, The Audubon Society, Kenneth Cole NYC, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Parks Service, and countless other world class clientele.


Currently living in the Appalachian Mountains of Dahlonega, Georgia, with his wife and two children, Dobbin is the co-owner and Chief Revenue Officer of GetUWired Web Services, a full-service marketing agency of nearly 50 team members that operate out of their rural northern Georgia cabin-based headquarters. Dobbin and his partners have developed an incredible business culture which provides ongoing employee team building events, leadership training, fitness challenges, financial training, progressive mindset, and meditation training program for their employees.


The balance of an incredible workplace culture and backwoods home life is Dobbin’s passion.

Instagram Business: @getuwired

Instagram: @dobbin

LinkedIn: Dobbin Buck

Twitter Business: @getuwired


2:18 "It went from being some pithy stuff up on the wall to something that we really believed in." -Dobbin Buck


4:54 "The culture is something that's really more emotional and spiritual." -Dobbin Buck


5:55 All of the training that has built Dobbin's business culture.


12:27 The purpose of a career in our lIves.


17:15 The role of leadership in a healthy business culture.


19:53 "I'm often learning from other people and taking great ideas and implementing them." -Dobbin Buck


26:20 The idea of keeping yourself “right-sized.”