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Jan 24, 2023

Kyle Leavitt is a membership site pioneer and the CEO and co-founder of CustomerHub, a simple knowledge commerce platform that dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of launching and managing online courses, memberships, and other digital products. Kyle and his team have helped thousands of entrepreneurs increase their profits by selling their expertise online over the past 12 years.


Kyle is an entrepreneur, family man, tech enthusiast, golf lover, Madden player, Russian speaker, ASU alumnus, and Arizona sports fan.

LinkedIn: Kyle Leavitt

Twitter: @Kyleleavitt


4:27 "How much am I prepared to manage this?" -Kyle Leavitt


9:07 Why CustomerHub has interesting pricing priorities.


11:02 "Integration as automated and hands-free as possible." -Kyle Leavitt


14:21 Dobbin uses CustomerHub for new employee onboarding.


16:49 "All you have to do is upload that stuff to your CustomerHub app." -Kyle Leavitt


18:21 The cost of onboarding multiple hires a year.


20:34 Your best ROI for a CustomerHub free trial.