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Feb 7, 2023

Dr. Alan G. Stern is a practicing dentist and runs a coaching business called Better, Richer, Stronger. He works with other dentists who want to create a workplace that is productive and profitable and to have a life that is rewarding and meaningful.


As a speaker, Dr. Stern conducts presentations for dental groups that redefine what it means to build a better team and rekindle their passion for what matters. He wrote the book 'Enjoy the Ride' for those who want to get out from the day-to-day grind and take charge of their roadmap to a better life. As a result of his work, people have shared that they have more focus, more energy, more momentum, and get the results they did not think were possible anymore.


He and his wife Fran recommitted to living a healthy lifestyle and Dr. Stern even held a plank for 10.5 minutes on his 66th birthday!

Facebook: @Better, Richer, Stronger

Twitter: @AlanSternDDS


2:52 How Dr. Stern was hit with the need to become an entrepreneur.


4:31 "All of a sudden, money had no power over me anymore." -Dr. Alan Stern


8:02 Building a negative narrative that defines your life.


9:40 "Know your B.A.M." -Dr. Alan Stern


14:45 "The mantra of BNI is 'giver’s gain'." - Dr. Alan Stern


16:26 Doing dentistry in the niche of a four letter word.


20:25 Dr. Stern's definition of prosperity.