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Apr 18, 2023

About Kyle Livingston:
From being left at a yard sale as a 12 week old baby to losing $160k of his own money in a failed company, Kyle knows what failure feels like, tastes like, and smells like. But he did not let his circumstances determine his altitude in life. From the lessons learned, Kyle Livingston has since built three 7 figure brick and mortar companies and helped turn nine companies in the red to be wildly profitable. Now as a Business Consultant and Coach his goal is to help others turn Chaos into Profit.

Facebook: @Kyle Livingston
Instagram: @7figurekyle

2:14 "I feel like a lot of visionaries tend to get stuck between communication and leadership." -Kyle Livingston

3:33 The Biggest Thing Entrepreneurs Really Struggle With

4:42 "What is the immediate action step they can take?" -Brian Keith

6:08 "Usually it's that data you don't know what to do with." -Brian Keith

7:57 "What do you think is the most frequent number that entrepreneurs are not looking at?" - Brian Keith

12:10 "I'll share a quick little story on the importance of this." -Kyle Livingston

15:05 The Topgun Analogy

16:02 "Here's our secrete sauce." -Kyle Livingston