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Apr 25, 2023

Jake is the Managing Partner at Sixthdivision.

At SixthDivision we’ve worked with names you may have heard of like Daymond John, Ryan Deiss - Digital Marketer, JJ Virgin, Frank Kern, Garrett White - Wake Up Warrior, Dave Ramsey, David McKnight - The Power Of Zero, Joe Polish - Genius Network, Giovanni Marsico - ArchAngel, Todd Herman - 90 Day Year and Alter Ego, as well as many other small businesses like yours. Everyone wants 1000% clarity on what they should be doing, how to do it, and to know that it’s working in their business. We help through one of three programs 1. The Master Builder (1:1 Coaching, Strategy, and Implementation), 2. The Lab (A group coaching program for business owners who want to scale smoothly), and 3. The Client Journey Academy (An online course).

Outside of SIxthdivision Jake is a Husband and Father of 3 Boys. He is also one of the biggest Star Wars Nerds you can find.


Facebook: @JakeTheComic

1:00 The New Program

6:31 "If it starts to feel off, we will pause." - Jake Talbert

7:34 "People get confused and they aren't sure what to do." -Jake Talbert

9:44 "Tell us more about the 'A Player Factory.'" - Brian Keith

10:48 "Finding that balance." - Jake Talbert

12:31 "Let's solve it." - Jake Talbert

18:20 "Lets identify the why." -Jake Talbert