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Aug 2, 2022

Hal Halladay is an executive coach and leadership advisor. Through coaching and transformational leadership experiences, Hal develops leaders who can adapt to change without fear and drive business growth and innovation. He has led high-growth companies as a C-level executive where he created cultures of performance, leadership & execution excellence. His 30-year career has led him from the University of Utah to the University of Chicago before heading to New York, LA and San Francisco. He has founded and successfully built and sold SaaS companies beginning in 1998. He recently served 14 months as Executive in Residence at the Goff Strategic Leadership Center at the University of Utah.

Instagram: @hgoldenh

Twitter: @HHleadership

Facebook: @leadertransformation


2:57 "In leadership, it's not what you do, but who you are." -Hal Halladay


4:33 "You're going to have to start to trust people, and people are going to have to trust you." -Hal Halladay


8:31 "Go a few levels deep; sometimes we call this exercise the 'five why's'" -Hal Halladay


12:37 "What would it take for us to double in sales every quarter?" -Brian Keith


17:31 "Take those questions and move them from yes or no, to a question that someone has to think about." -Hal Halladay


24:09 "As we double in size each quarter, you're going to be losing some of those roles - the ones you like the least - to other people." -Brian Keith


25:35 "Growth happens when there is leadership." -Hal Halladay