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Aug 16, 2022

Katie Clark has been working at PartnerStack since 2019, and in that time has helped well over 100 companies set up a successful, scalable partner program.



3:19 "There's nobody who can be a better advocate for you than somebody who is already using you and understands the value that you drive." -Katie Clark


5:25 "They know who to refer to your business; they know who is going to make the best customer of yours." -Katie Clark


6:32 "You yourself know what is going to make an effective partner [for your business] and what isn't." -Katie Clark


8:22 "That's a very fancy way of saying: you send us data, we bill you an invoice, and then we automatically pay your partners out." -Katie Clark


10:54 "You have us as your professional consultants, so we're going to guide you through the setup up of this successful program." -Katie Clark


12:12 "It's really incredible to me to see how a three-person tech company can see success the same way that a thousand-person enterprise payment provider company would see." -Katie Clark