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Aug 23, 2022

Married Father of 9, Jeff Putnam is the founder of Rugged Legacy Grooming Supply Co.,  author of Empire Divided and The Perimeter, and self proclaimed Fit- Prenuer.

Find him on @Rugged_Legacy on both Twitter and Instagram


2:43 "I just kept doing it. People ask me, 'How did you get so good at running?' Well, I run. "How did you get good at writing?' I write." -Jeff Putnam


3:49 "They say you don't quit your 9-5 until you're making two to three times as much in your business." -Jeff Putnam


7:32 "An unnamed big tech company is paying some tattooed guy out in the mountains who does ice baths to write their press releases" -Brian Keith


9:14 "One of them immediately found a client which is the biggest tech company in the world." -Jeff Putnam


12:36 "One thing you're always going to want is a proof of work from anyone that is going to write for you." -Jeff Putnam


14:19 "I want to have fun conversations. I don't want to make sure that every little detail is perfect; that's someone else's job." -Brian Keith


18:26 "I could just click on the summary, go through the slides, see the main points that I needed to get, and move on." -Jeff Putnam