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Aug 30, 2022

Crystelle is an experienced, and sort-after business automation expert & educator. She is passionate about working with business owners who are dissatisfied with their current results and want to accelerate growth & profit fast. She has walked in the shoes of a start-up business owner and understands what it takes to run a growing, global business. Crystelle has been engaged by businesses of all levels for her down-to-earth business strategy advice and continues to share her learning’s across the globe on leveraging business automation.


As a leading business automation strategist, Crystelle has spent 20+ years working in Marketing, Events and Operations working alongside some of the greatest & most admired business minds in the world like Tony Robbins, Dr. John Demartini, Brian Tracy, and Kerwin Rae, to name a few.


She founded Launchy over 8 years ago, a business automation agency, that works with 100's of businesses every year to make sure they are making more revenue by working smarter and doing less, they have the systems in place to scale their business to the next level and activate their community and database, all while adapting to the market to always stay ahead of the game.


3:31 “The only people who knew who we were…” - Crystelle Topatan


4:48 “Sometimes we’re their complete outsource department.” - Crystelle Topatan


5:50 “We actually work with all different kinds of businesses within Launchy” - Crystelle Topatan


8:20 “There’s so much story behind wine, and it goes sometimes over years and years.” - Crystelle Topatan


10:20 “They made more online than the previous twelve months in one month” - Crystelle Topatan