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The MomForce Podcast Hosted by Chatbooks

Jun 30, 2020

Morning schedules, taking the family camping, and parenting different personalities are among the hot topics Vanessa and her sisters talked about in the first season of The MomForce Podcast. Vanessa compiled her all-time favorite moments and shares them in this episode. 

1. Hire a “warm body” to babysit when the kids are all in bed. 

All Things Babysitters - Part I

2. When should you let your girls start shaving their legs?? 

Keeping the Kids Clean(ish) - Shower, Rinse, Brush, Repeat.

3. Why printed pictures can strengthen your family relationships

Strengthening Families through the Printed Photo Dr. Trisha Weeks

4. How you can comfort a grieving friend - What advice would you give them

How to Help a Grieving Friend

5. Making service a priority in your family - Getting kids involved

Creating a Culture of Service in Your Family with Kristin Andrus

6. Helping your kids feel seen, safe, soothed, and secure

The Power of Showing Up with Dr. Tina Bryson

7. Getting on the same page with your partner about the family budget

Tackling the Family Budget with Jordan Page

8. Knowing the difference between discipline and punishment

Positive Discipline with Ralphie Jacobs of Simply On Purpose

9. When the best time to go to sleep is - and how to actually fall asleep

Rules for Bed with Sleep and Sex Therapist Christine Lawler of @the.peaceful.sleeper

10. Healthy ways to cope with anxiety, for parents and kids.

How to Cope with How How to Cope with Stress and Anxiety with Dr. Lisa Damour

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