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The MomForce Podcast Hosted by Chatbooks

Dec 12, 2023

Unlock the secrets to a restful night's sleep for both parents and little ones with Toddler Sleep Coach Jessica Berk on this episode of "Enter the Chat." If you're struggling with bedtime battles, midnight wake-ups, or nightmares, Jessica has the answers you've been searching for. As a certified sleep expert, she has successfully guided countless families in establishing and maintaining effective sleep routines. From toddlers to older kids, Jessica shares invaluable insights on making bedtime a breeze. Plus, she unveils a foolproof plan for holiday travel, ensuring a seamless return home. Dive into this must-listen episode for practical tips on addressing common sleep issues and reclaiming peaceful nights for your entire family.

Time codes: 

2:41 What is the best age to move a child from the crib to a bed?

4:09 Playing musical beds every night and how to create new habits 

5:43 How are your kids falling asleep at bedtime? 

9:00 Handling things at bedtime around 7 PM is a lot more doable then waking up in the middle of the night 

15:48 What to do about monsters under the bed and other nightmares 

20:15 The best universal bedtime and why it is important 

20:54 How to get older kids to go to bed at a reasonable time

21:30 What to do about siblings that share a room and keep each other up talking at night 

24:27 The average amount of sleep every age group should be getting 

25:12 The best ways to handle holiday travel and not mess up sleep routines 

29:21 Free toddler sleep masterclass 


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