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The MomForce Podcast Hosted by Chatbooks

Dec 19, 2023

Since Hannah Neeleman of Ballerina Farm was on the podcast in May of 2023 a lot has changed! She is expecting her eighth child very soon and has grown her follower count from 2 million to more than 8 million. 

She not only competed in the Mrs. America pageant, but she won! An amazing clip of her talking on stage about the empowering beauty of childbirth went viral. And as of today, she is just weeks away from delivering her 8th child! And she competes in Mrs World in January. I don't know how she does it! But more than 8 million people get to follow along on Instagram and TikTok as she shares her idyllic life at Ballerina Farm, catching glimpses of her daily life on the farm milking the cows, making gorgeous sourdough bread, and cooking with her kids. 

Hannah was so lovely and generous when we recorded this episode – sharing her journey from Julliard and the big city to farming in the small town of Kamas, Utah. She truly is one of the nicest people I know–and one of the most patient. You're just going to love hearing from her and what is next for Ballerina Farm! 

Time codes: 

2:20 Hannah’s childhood in the flower shop and being homeschooled 

4:03 How she ended up dancing at Juilliard 

5:28 Hannah’s first pageant and why she started doing them 

7:43 Getting married and living in New York City 

10:16 Why they started Ballerina Farm with pigs 

15:07 Getting the kids involved on the farm 

16:53 Being real on social media 

24:06 Hannah and Daniel on having more kids 

26:45 The experience of birth 

31:56 Date night and screen time 

41:00 Beauty in imperfect photos 

43:11 What’s next for Ballerina Farm 

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