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The MomForce Podcast Hosted by Chatbooks

Dec 26, 2023

Artist Morgan Harper Nichols has inspired millions of people with her poetry, music, artwork, and affirmations. In this conversation from December of 2022, Morgan shares what it was like to find out that she is on the autism spectrum at the age of 31. In addition to that, Vanessa shares her experience getting an ADHD diagnosis last year. They both share their journeys of self discovery since those diagnoses. Listen to this episode to hear why Morgan chose to write a book about finding peace and her practical tips for everyday life. Since recording this episode Morgan has continued to share her words and art with the world as well as go back to school to earn her Master's Degree. Congrats Morgan!  

Morgan shares daily affirmations and encouragement on Instagram @thestorytellerco and @morganharpernichols

Time codes: 

2:59 A favorite photo of her family that captures an everyday magical moment 

5:32 Morgan’s journey of finding out she was on the autism spectrum 

7:25 How she finds time to create art 

8:20 Where Peace is a Practice came from 

10:47 Morgan’s motherhood experience 

17:07 How breathwork can change your life 

19:52 Morgan’s boundaries with social media 

22:24 Autism and social events 

34:18 Different communication styles 

38:08 Why Morgan loves to journal

42:36 A recent family photo that has become a favorite 

44:43 Photo organization tips 

47:24 What is next for Morgan 

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