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The MomForce Podcast Hosted by Chatbooks

Sep 29, 2022

Motherhood is a rollercoaster, some days you see incredible moments, and other days you can’t wait for bedtime! Vanessa Quigley, co-founder of Chatbooks, invited some of her favorite women to share how they break free from the monotony of everyday life and see the magic. Come laugh and cry as you find strength in the...

Sep 6, 2022

Ginny Yurich, a mom of 5 in Michigan, is the creator of a global movement known as 1,000 Hours Outside. The goal is to balance the average 1,000+ hours a child spends in front of a screen per year with 1,000 hours of unstructured outdoor play.

After a tricky start to motherhood, Ginny decided she wanted to try something...