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Security Weekly Podcast Network (Audio)

Apr 18, 2024

Protecting a normal enterprise environment is already difficult. What must it be like protecting a sports team? From the stadium to merch sales to protecting team strategies and even the players - securing an professional sports team and its brand is a cybersecurity challenge on a whole different level.

In this interview, we'll talk to Joe McMann about how Binary Defense helps to protect the Cleveland Browns and other professional sports teams.

This week, Adrian and Tyler discuss some crazy rumors - is it really possible that a cloud security startup valued at over $8 billion in November 2021 just got bought for $200 million???

Some healthy funding for Cyera and Cohesity ($300m and $150m, respectively)

Onum, Alethea, Sprinto, Andesite AI, StrikeReady, YL-Backed Miggo, Nymiz, Salvador Technologies, and Simbian all raise smaller seed, A, or B rounds.

Akamai picks up API security startup, Noname Security, Zscaler picks up Airgap networks, and it's rumored that Armis will acquire Silk Security for $150M.

LimaCharlie seems to be doing some vertical growth, adding its own response and automation capabilities (what they call "bi-directional" capabilities). CISA releases a malware analysis system to the general public. releases "poutine", an open source CI/CD pipeline vulnerability scanner.

Some great essays this week, with Phil Venables' Letter from the Future, Ben Hawkes' Robots Dream of Root Shells, and Aileen Lee's 10 year Unicorn anniversary piece.

We briefly discuss the 3rd party breach that affected Cisco Duo customers, and the financial impact of Change Healthcare's highly disruptive ransomware incident.

Finally, we talk about the latest research on the security of LLMs and the apps using them. It's not looking great.

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