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Light On Light Through

You'll hear a little of this and lot of that on Light On Light Through - my reviews of great television series and movies, my interviews with authors and creative media people and their interviews of me, my media theory and political commentary, thoughts about my favorite cars and food and space travel, discussions of my music, and a few of my readings from my science fiction stories. In the first years, starting in 2006, I put up a new episode at least once a month.  More recently, it became more or less often than once a month, usually less often.  But in the Summer of 2020, I began getting more in the mood to podcast, and on 17 October 2023, I began publishing a new episode of the podcast every Tuesday at 12:01 pm -- a minute after Noon (New York time).  - Paul Levinson 

24 October 2021: Interview about Light On Light Through podcast

26 December 2023: Chuck Todd interviews Paul Levinson about Alternate Realities on The Chuck Toddcast  

Oct 22, 2014

Welcome to Light On Light Through, Episode 92, in which I explain - as an author who is both traditionally and independently published - why I think Amazon has the right of it in its much-criticized dispute with Hachette.   I address some famous authors, such as Nobel-laureate Paul Krugman, and why I see their attacks on Amazon as not only wrong-headed, but serving as part of Hachette's classic appeal-to-authority propaganda.   In sum, Amazon has revolutionized the author's ability to reach potential readers, in as profound a way as the printing press before it.

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