Official Weekly Podcast from Paul Oakenfold

Official Weekly Podcast from Paul Oakenfold

Playlist: Episode 666

01 Mark Roma & Velvet Cash - With Those Eyes (Club Mix) [Perfecto]

02 Paul Oakenfold x Rompasso x Velvet Cash - Sky (Roger-M Remix) [Perfecto]

03 Ross Geldart - Candy Thrush (Extended Mix) [Perfecto Black]

04 Galestian - Hyperflow (Extended Mix) [Perfecto]

05 Hot Pursuit - Poco Loco (Club Mix) [Perfecto House]

06 Drake - Massive (Paul Oakenfold x blklght Remix) [Promo]

Perfecto Classic:  Paul Oakenfold - Glow In The Dark (Original Mix)

Perfectomundo Moment:  Rodrigo Kesovija - Rises Me (Original Mix) [Perfecto Black]

07 Duran & Aytek - Orange (Extended Mix) [Perfecto Fluoro]

08 Paul Oakenfold x Luis Fonsi - The World Can Wait (Adam White Remix) [Perfecto]

09 AtribĂșt - Set Me Free (Original Mix) [Perfecto] 

10 Gaston Sosa - Syrah (Extended Mix) [Perfecto Black]

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