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Im in hospital

Jan 18, 2016

Last wednesday i was run over while walking to work. 


My left leg is broken below the knee in two places and the knee has about as much cartlage left as batman...


Im still in hospital and awating a specialist to screw it all back together again.


I should have the operation tomorrow.. and yes its a relaitively minor operation... but its still an operation and im just a touch worried.


I had my audio recorder in my bag when i was hit and ive not had a chance to test it yet. Though it looks like my bad or my head removed the womans wing mirror. 


Both are in need of tlc.


So I just wanted to take this oportunity to say a big thank you.... you know... just incase you dont hear from me... at all...


Thanks fir being witb me for 10 years

Thanks to all the friends ive made through podcasting and Doctor Who.

Thanks to the other podcasters for entertainment and argument.

Thanks to all the celebs that have been here and chatted.


Thank you to my wife and Daughter who I love with all my hearts



Thank you. Listners. You have made it worth while.


And ive NEVER ment this as much as I mean it righr now...