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Apr 9, 2022

TDP 1059:   Binge The Book of Boba Fett  Episode 4


In the bacta tank, Fett remembers trying to reclaim his Firespray gunship from Jabba's Palace, which was heavily guarded. When he discovered Shand dying from a gut wound,[c] Fett took her to a Mos Eisley mod-parlor, where her life was saved with cybernetics. In return, Fett requested Shand's help to break into the palace, now ruled by Bib Fortuna. After fighting the guards and retrieving Fett's ship, Shand decided to stay with Fett. They killed the biker gang that Fett believed to have massacred his Tusken tribe, before flying to the sarlacc pit to retrieve his armor. Shand killed the attacking sarlacc with a seismic charge, though Fett did not find his armor inside. In the present, Fett emerges from the bacta tank fully healed. He witnesses Krrsantan fighting Trandoshans in the Sanctuary and hires him. At a banquet, he urges Mos Espa's other crime bosses to unite against the Pyke Syndicate, but they refuse. With the rancor's presence, Fett convinces them to remain neutral while he fights the Syndicate alone. Shand suggests that they hire reinforcements for the imminent war.