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May 31, 2023

TDP 1158: Rani Takes on the World Beyond Bannerman Road from bigfinish worlds of doctorwho review


This title was released in April 2023. It will be exclusively available to buy from the Big Finish website until 30 June 2023, and on general sale after this date.

Life on Bannerman Road was always an adventure for Rani Chandra and her friends. A childhood of mystery and wonder, of meeting aliens, time travellers, lost princes, intergalactic robots and so much more - all alongside Sarah Jane Smith.

Sarah Jane is gone. Childhood ends. Everyone grows up eventually. But the story doesn't stop there. When Rani and Clyde are reunited, adventure finds them once again - ready and waiting to take on the world!

1.1 Here Today by Joseph Lidster
Years after her adventures with Sarah Jane Smith and friends, Rani Chandra is a successful journalist - she’s brought down a government, and her podcast is making waves. And she's about to be surprised by a visit from her best friend, Clyde Langer - who has an announcement of his own.

But tonight Clyde isn’t the only visitor to Ealing... In the skies above, a flying saucer approaches - and only one person on Earth can stop it destroying London!

1.2 Destination: Wedding by James Goss
Rani and Gita Chandra have been invited to a dream wedding on a luxury island resort. But how did Tiff from school end up marrying a film star? And why has she asked all the worst people from her life alongside the Hollywood A-listers?

While Gita samples the canapés and criticises the flower arrangements, Rani senses something amiss... The perfect wedding comes at a price - but who will be paying?

1.3 The Witching Tree by Lizzie Hopley
Chasing a podcast award, encouraged by a secret source, Rani investigates a ‘haunted’ restaurant built around a twisted tree. The owners could be faking the spooky activity, but Rani soon realises the tree is not what it seems.

As a terrifying threat to planet Earth is revealed, Clyde and Phoenix are dragged into the fight. Rani is torn between revealing the truth, or keeping a secret too terrifying to broadcast..