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Jun 7, 2023


This title was released in May 2023. It will be exclusively available to buy from the Big Finish website until 31 July 2023, and on general sale after this date.

The Doctor meets many remarkable people on his travels - those at the forefront of innovation and exploration. From a deep-space colony ship seeking safe haven, to the frozen Arctic wastes, and the foundation of ideas which will touch the lives of millions - the Doctor is there to lend a hand to the human race's greatest pioneers!

1.1 The Green Gift by Roy Gill
Seeking a new home for Callen and Doyle, the Doctor lands on a vast spacecraft: The Greenwood.

The ship is nearing the end of its long journey but what is the price of this voyage? Who is really in charge? And what legacies from Old Earth might be travelling with them?

1.2 Northern Lights by Robert Valentine
The Doctor crashes to Earth and finds himself in the Arctic - but not quite alone. The Aurora Borealis are even more unearthly than usual...

Intrepid explorer Fridtjof Nansen is trying to get home as alien forces close in. The Doctor knows Nansen has a part to play in history - can he save the future?

1.3 The Beautiful Game by Katharine Armitage
The Doctor decides to treat himself and attend the historic meeting which founds the football league. But he arrives a week early!

Instead, he must enlist the help of a hotel maid to battle an obsessive alien before it consumes everything that will ever be connected to the beautiful game...