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May 13, 2024

306 2 "The Devil's Chord" Ben Chessell Russell T Davies 11 May 2024 TBD TBA
In 1925, a music teacher shows his student the "devil's chord", which summons a being called Maestro, who consumes the teacher's soul. At Ruby's request, the Doctor takes her to 1963 to see the Beatles record their first song at EMI Recording Studios. They discover from John Lennon and Paul McCartney that the band, as well as the rest of the world, has lost its taste for music, which the Doctor fears will alter humanity's future. He has Ruby play a song, gaining the attention of Maestro, who is consuming music from every human. After escaping from Maestro, the Doctor takes Ruby to her present, discovering the world in a nuclear winter. Maestro appears, revealing themself as a child of the Toymaker, with similar powers around music. They take control of the TARDIS, forcing the Doctor to return to the studios in 1963. There, he and Ruby try to find the chord that will banish Maestro, but the two are powerless. John and Paul arrive to play the chord that traps Maestro, who portends the coming of the "One Who Waits" to the Doctor. Music returns, and the Doctor and Ruby engage in a musical number before leaving in the TARDIS.