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May 29, 2020

A Steampunk Adventure for ages 8 to 800 - Avatrix and part time spy - Jane is hired by the British Government to save psychic twins... Can flying ace Jane Mckenzie save the day? ALL Profits from this book will go to the NHSJane McKenzie – A Steampunk detective, Aviatrix and spy for hire - has been living in my head for many years, but has only been put down onto paper, when I finally got fed up with how many books about princesses and unicorns (or princesses with unicorns) that there seemed to be available and how few stories there are about women and girls who are more interested in adventure. And if you want the world to change then... you need to change the world.I wrote the first version of this story for my daughter as a Christmas gift and printed only 5 copies for her and my family. Who are all now waiting for Jane’s next (reasonably) griping adventure.During the lock down of 2020, I found I had some, time available and I decided to publish this book myself and share Jane with the world. I set about fixing anything that had turned up in my daughter’s edition and also stated work on a MUCH nicer cover. BUT... someone in my family got Covid19 and was eventually looked after by our local hospital and its simply superb staff before being able to come home.So I decided that I would give ALL of the profits from this book – A Villain in Venice. (JANE of the AIR Book One) to the hospital to help them in a small way. By buying this book, you have made a modest contribution towards thanking the brilliant doctors, nurses and other staff who work so hard to keep us all well. The NHS is the greatest thing that we humans we have ever achieved – better than television; better than the internet or even better than space travel. We must never forget this