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Jan 31, 2008

Special Features


  • Commentary
  • Verity Lambert Obituary
  • Photo Gallery
  • Subtitle Production Notes
  • Subtitles
  • pdf files of Radio Times billings
  • "The Lost Twelve Seconds" - 12 lost seconds recreated using off-air audio recording and the script
  • Stripped for action - a look at the first Doctor's comic...

Jan 25, 2008


Two burglars break into a flat owned by a woman called Beth and her boyfriend. There’s a struggle, a flash of light and soon Torchwood are on the scene investigating the grisly fate suffered by the burglars.

Beth cannot remember events and is taken into custody by Torchwood, who suspect she is not of this earth....

Jan 19, 2008


Captain Jack returns, as the Torchwood team reunite to fight a rogue Time Agent. The mysterious Captain John Hart, Captain Jack's old partner in more ways than one, is determined to wreak havoc, and needs to find something hidden on Earth. But with Gwen's life in danger, and cluster bombs scattered across the...

Jan 9, 2008

 Doctor Who And The Silurians: Summoned by the Brigadier to an underground research centre at Wenley Moor, the Doctor and Liz Shaw learn from its director, Dr Lawrence, that work on a new type of nuclear reactor is being hampered by inexplicable power losses and by an unusually high incidence of stress-related illness...

William Hartnell - One Hundred Years

Jan 8, 2008

William Hartnell - One Hundred Years
Special Events
January 8, 2008  •  Posted By Shaun Lyon

William Hartnell, the actor who originated the role of the Doctor in the 1960s, playing the first incarnation of the character for BBC Television from 1963 to 1966, was born exactly 100 years ago today. For many of the...