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Jun 25, 2008

While visiting a market on the planet of Shan Shen with the Doctor, Donna Noble is offered a free fortune reading. The fortune-teller presses Donna to reveal her past and focuses on a point in her past on modern-day Earth where she was driving to her temporary job at H. C. Clements, despite her mother's desire that she...

Bad Wolf arc

Jun 24, 2008

Bad Wolf

The words Bad Wolf as aerosol graffiti on the TARDIS in "Aliens of London"
The words Bad Wolf as aerosol graffiti on the TARDIS in "Aliens of London"

The first arc word of the new series, "Bad Wolf", began to crop up in various ways starting from the second episode, "The End of the World", and then grew in prominence, leading to much fan speculation over the course of the series...

WHOstrology - Doctor Who Broadcast Dates

Jun 23, 2008

 No       Title            Original airdate

1          An Unearthly Child            23 November–14 December 1963

            aka 100,000 BC    

            aka The Tribe of Gum    

2          The Daleks  21 December 1963–1 February 1964

            aka The Mutants    

            aka The Dead Planet  

Jun 19, 2008

"Midnight" is the tenth episode of the fourth series of British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It was first broadcast on BBC One on 14 June 2008.


The Doctor and Donna take a holiday on the crystalline planet Midnight, which orbits close enough to its sun that the Xtonic radiation exposure...

Fault on Invisible Enemy DVDs

Jun 17, 2008

To get a replacement disc you need to send your current one to:

DVD Support
33 Foley Street


The just released K9 Tales DVD set has a problem at the end of Episode 3 of The Invisible Enemy that causes scenes to play out of order.

the fault kicks in at around 21' 10, when Tom says "Get out of...