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Jun 30, 2012

The book can finally be pre ordered!!

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out on 31st october

Doctor Who

Whostrology: A Time Traveller's Almanac

Whostrology: A Time Traveller's Almanac

by Michael M Gilroy-Sinclair

Illustrated by Deborah Taylor


Whostrology: an astrological system based upon the travels of a certain Time Lord. The...

Jun 28, 2012

On an unnamed planet, a race called the Gonds are subject to the mysterious Krotons, unseen beings to whom they provide their brightest intelligences as “companions”. Thara, son of the Gond leader Selris, is the only one of his race to object to this practice. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive in time to witness the...

Jun 25, 2012

The Seventh Doctor and Ace visit a human colony on the planet Terra Alpha, and are unsettled by the planet's unnaturally happy society. Cheerful music plays everywhere; the planet's secret police force, the Happiness Patrol (governed by the vicious and egotistical Helen A, who is obsessed with eliminating unhappiness),...

Jun 21, 2012

Iceworld is a space-trading colony on the dark side of the planet Svartos. It is a mysterious place of terror and rumour ruled by the callous and vindictive Kane, who buys supporters and employees and makes them wear his mark iced in to their flesh. Kane’s body temperature is so cold that one touch from him can kill....

Jun 18, 2012

1.02. The Renaissance Man

The Renaissance Man

Released February

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To continue Leela’s education, the Doctor promises to take her to the famous Morovanian Museum. But the TARDIS lands instead in a quiet English village, where they meet the enigmatic collector Harcourt and his...