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Date and Time for Season 4 (Ok its really season 30 old school time...)

Mar 27, 2008

Date And Time

Date And Time

Series Four premiere details confirmed.

We're delighted to officially announce that Series Four of Doctor Who will commence with Partners In Crime at 6.20pm on Saturday 05 April 2008, BBC One.

Tell all your friends, cancel any prior engagements and settle down for what promises to be the most spectacular series of Doctor Who yet!

As always, Doctor Who Confidential will be going behind-the-scenes with the cast and crew, starting at 7.10pm on BBC Three.

Partners In Crime will be repeated on Sunday 06 April at 8pm on BBC Three. Doctor Who Confidential follows at 8.45pm.

As always, we'll be supporting the show with extensive online coverage, both in the run up to and immediately after each episode.