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Oct 24, 2023


As if the alien Vulpreen weren’t enough, what remains of UNIT faces another formidable adversary. The mercurial Time Lord Missy is on the side of the Vulpreen, helping and encouraging them in their ambition to become the rulers not just of Earth, but of all Space and Time.

4.1 One Way or Another by John Dorney
Kate leads an attack on a Vulpreen prison camp, unaware that UNIT friends are being held there. As paths converge, Kate and Osgood have different perspectives on the attack, and specific dangers to overcome.

4.2 Traitors’ Gate by Sarah Grochala
Osgood is a prisoner in the Tower of London, which is now a Vulpreen base. To rescue her friend, Kate must devise a plan to raid her former headquarters.

Inside the Tower, the Vulpreen are determined to access the Black Archive and the hugely dangerous alien technology it contains. How long can Osgood keep them out?

4.3 The Destiny Labyrinth by Alison Winter
The UNIT team find themselves traveling through various epochs in Earth’s history. The only guide they have is working for the enemy, and the Vulpreen are hot on their heels. Help comes from a new friend, a young healer who already has a curious relationship with time.

4.4 True Nemesis by Andrew Smith
Under Missy’s guiding hand, the Vulpreen are ready to strike out, to establish themselves as the new Masters of Time.

UNIT’s confrontation with Missy in the depths of Portugal’s Douro Valley will decide the fate of not just the Earth but the whole Universe.